We are a company focused on developing, protecting and licensing IP related to DLT "Distributed ledger technology".
Our IP allows create new business models and efficiencies in the operation of different industries.
Our implementation process involves current industry participants in strategic alliances. We do not develop technology for others. We always look for creative rent schemes where risks and benefits are shared.

Blockchain for the Industry

Enablement of MAAS

Manufacturing as a service. We provide MAAS capabilities to industrial machinery OEMs, leasers and manufacturers.

Enablement of EAAS

Energy as a service. We provide the infrastructure for energy harvesting integrators to deploy infrastructure and charge per energy unit consumed by customer.

Enablement of PRAAS

Public records  as a service. We provide the infrastructure to validate ID and register on the blockchain business operative events.

Enablement of GAAS

Governance  as a service. We develop solutions that aids the governance at companies and at networks of organizations.

Enablement of OAAS

Operational efficiency as a service. We provide solutions that improves the operational efficiency of the organizations through automation via Blockchain.

Enablement of TAAS

Tokenization as a service. We develop solutions that allows the tokenization of anything of value and develop its interfaces.

Our Partners

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